Debt Collection

Unfortunately slow payment often happens. Especially foreign creditors who have delivered into Germany have problems with bad dept losses because the defaulter thinks the creditor will not go to court in a foreign country.

We are able to correspond in your language and help you to collect your debts in Germany. Please notice, that we can represent you at any court in Germany.

Please take the following steps:

1. Please use our contact form and tell us which debt you would like to collect and who your defaulter is.

2. If there is no conflict of interest, we will confirm your commission.

3. You mail us the correspondence associated with your claim so far, especially the order, the bill and reminder.

4. We will inform you about different ways to collect the debt and their cost.

5. We have access to different credit agencies to get a credit rating about your defaulter.

6. The cost for the court action and the solicitor´s charges have to be paid by you in advance. When you win the trial, the defaulter has to reimburse these costs.

7. If the defaulter does not pay after a successful court action we will foreclose your claim. In Germany this is possible until 30 years after the end of the trial.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or send us an e-mail. We will be glad to help you.